Gas & Central Heating Services

Landlord safety check
Landlords! are you aware of your legal gas safety duties? A twelve monthly gas safety check must be carried out on every gas appliance/flue. A gas safety check will ensure gas fittings and appliances are safe to use. Every year, landlords are conned by illegal unqualified gas workers who perform poor gas work, causing serious illness and death of tenants. And if it’s your property, it’s your responsibility. So please check your records and ensure your properties are all legally compliant and if not call Celsius today for service you can trust.

Boiler servicing
Wondering why you must service your boiler? Carbon monoxide poisoning can be fatal and is mostly caused by faulty or poorly maintained gas appliances. It is vital that you get your boiler and gas appliances inspected and serviced regularly to make sure they are working as safely and efficiently as possible.  Please find below a breakdown of what is done during one of our services.

-Visually inspect the appliance for any sign of leaks or corrosion.
-Check the gas pressure to ensure the appliance has the correct pipe size and gas pressure.
-A flue test to check the emissions are safe and the products of combustion do not re-enter the property.
-Clean and inspect the appliance to ensure it is functioning correctly and add inhibitor to heating system.
-Some friendly advice to help you get the most from your boiler controls and your heating system.

Boiler, Gas Fire and Central Heating Component Repair
Any problem involving Gas demands a total understanding of regulations and how appliances work. So many people experience costly boiler repairs that are considerably more expensive because unnecessary parts are fitted! We can repair all types of appliances, please contact us for a quote.

Boiler Change
Need a new boiler? Choosing a new boiler or heating system can be a confusing and frustrating  decision and is one better taken with the benefit of expert advice. Boilers account for around 55% of your annual domestic energy costs. So installing a new A-rated high efficiency condensing boiler will not only significantly cut your property’s carbon emissions but could save you up to £300 annually!

All boiler and heating system installs are unique. The best option for your property will depend on a number of factors,

Demand, Larger families or properties that require a lot of hot water may be unsuitable for a combi boiler. For example properties running a power shower or multiple mixer showers would be better off with a regular boiler.

Space, smaller properties that are short on space may benefit from a combi boiler. A combi boiler doesn’t need a hot water cylinder, and so needs less space freeing up airing cupboard and loft space.

Pressure, Combi boilers provide water at mains pressure, meaning you can enjoy a good, hot shower without the need for an additional shower pump or unvented hot water cylinder.

Please call us today to book a free no-obligation survey.

Heating Controls
Installing effective heating controls will not only enable you to be in complete control of your properties temperature levels but reduce your energy consumption and save you money!  Think of the heating controls as the brains of your heating system. With the ideal controls in place and set correctly you will be able operate your boiler more efficiently, enabling you to choose at what time and temperature your heating comes on and what room temperature levels you wish to maintain. Efficient controls set correctly will avoid over heating your property and wasting money. Below you can find a list of controls we are able to fit in your property.

Wireless programmable thermostats, designed to provide wireless time and temperature control to heating systems. (note, wired thermostats can be fitted at a higher cost)

Thermostatic radiator valves(TRV), TRV’s are self-regulating valve’s fitted to the radiators in your heating system. They allow control of the temperature of a room by changing the flow of hot water to the radiators.

Frost thermostat, Frost thermostats are designed to automatically protect boilers and pipework that are installed in the coldest areas of the property e.g. floor voids, loft spaces and garages.

Cylinder thermostat, cylinder thermostats are fitted to protect the hot water cylinder from overheating, they can be fitted on either open vented cylinders or unvented cylinders.

Gas Fire and Flue Installation
We install all gas fires in accordance with BS5440-1, any flue liners used must last the life of the appliance being fitted.

Plumbing Services

Minor Plumbing Work
From a leaking tap to installing a shower we undertake all domestic plumbing work.

Cylinder Change/Installation
New hot water cylinders are factory insulated to help keep your hot water at the right temperature for longer. They play an important role in supplying you with readily available hot water, so it’s important that they are fully insulated to prevent heat escaping. Below is a brief description of the different types of hot water cylinders available.

-Vented cylinders, the main advantages of installing vented hot water cylinders over an unvented alternative is that they are much less complicated. This makes them easier to install and maintain and this generally requires just a straight swop with the old hot water cylinder, resulting in a much cheaper install. The two biggest disadvantages however, are the fact you need to have a cold water storage tank therefore the system will ultimately take up more space than an unvented hot water cylinder and the hot water pressure is determined by the height of the cold water tank.

-Unvented cylinders, because unvented cylinders provide hot water constantly at mains pressure, there is no requirement for a cold water storage tank or the extra pipework and expense to link it up. And because you’re relying on the pressure from the mains rather than just gravity, you can situate the hot water cylinder in almost any location. The disadvantage is that they require specialist installation, making them a little pricier than traditional vented hot water cylinders.

Bathroom Suite Installation/Change
We can provide complete bathroom removal and installation of your new suite using our various trusted local specialist tradesmen, taking away all responsibility and thus delivering a quality stress free experience.
A bathroom suite changeover, this more simply entails using like for like sanitary ware, needing only minor alterations to existing copper and plastic waste pipe.

Property Maintenance Services

We cover a wide range of property maintenance services and can arrange specialist work to be carried out by trusted local specialist tradesmen.

-Lead work,
-Wood burning stoves,
-Chimney sweeping,
-All electrical work,
-Brick work,
-Complete property renovation.